Safety and Standards Ė You can not have one without the other

Over the last several months we have attended a number of seminars and conferences on safety and standards in the workplace. These two components of our work environment go hand in hand. With the implementation of Bill C-45 health and safety was raised to a new level of awareness. What may have been missed by many is that ensuring that companies and their employees are properly certified can be considered as much of a safety issue as proper fall arrest. An accident on site, due to a failed weld on an aluminum railing that was fabricated by a non-certified company, is not only a potential hazard, but it may also have disastrous implications on an organization and itís directors.

There are two major certifications for welding of miscellaneous metals. CSA 47.1 covers steel welding and CSA 47.2 covers aluminum welding. In most cases, specifications require that companies are compliant with the applicable standards and provide their certification. It has been brought to our attention that not all companies bidding aluminum fabrication have met the appropriate certification requirements. I am enclosing Vision Almetís certifications for your records so you can be assured that we meet the requirements of both of these standards. This provides you with the comfort that we are able to meet not only the contractual obligations of a tender, but the moral and legal obligations of providing a safe and healthy work environment.

The Canadian Welding Bureau has a list of certified companies for each classification on their web site. I encourage you to visit the site to ensure that other contractors you are dealing with maintain the appropriate certification.

Vision Almet is committed to providing a quality and safe product. We are continually looking for ways to improve both the appearance and the structural integrity of our product. Out testing procedures go above and beyond the minimum requirements as outlined in CSA 47.1 and CSA 47.2. Our engineers and production staff are constantly involved in the research and development of our products. I welcome you to visit our plant to witness our production and testing procedures in action.

Vision Almet is an environmentally friendly contractor and is an active participant in the LEED program.

Yours truly,

John BaldwinPaul Burka
PresidentGeneral Manager

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